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Science & Technology Series-1/30 for IAS-2017: Chandrayan-1 rediscovered

NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory has found India’s lost Chandrayan-1 orbiting moon.

Facts about Chandrayan-1:

  1. Launched on 22nd October, 2008 on PSLV-XL-C11 rocket.
  2. ISRO lost communication with Chandrayan-1 on August 29.2009.
  3. It operated for only 312 days, against the targeted life of 2 years. However, the mission achieved 95% of its planned objectives.
  4. Payloads on Chandrayan-1: It carries 5 ISRO payloads and 6 payloads of NASA, ESA & Bulgaria.
  • Indian Payloads-MIP, TMC (Terrain Mapping camera), HySI (Hyper Spectral Imager), LLRI (Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument) and HEX (High Energy X-Ray Spectrometer).
  • Foreign Payloads included C1XS (ESA & ISRO), SARA (ESA), MMM or M3 (NASA), SIR-2(ESA), Mini-SAR (NASA) and RADOM-7(Bulgaria).
  1. MIP- Moon Impact Probe: It landed near Shackleton crater (near South Pole). With this India becomes only 4th country to have successfully dropped an instrument on the surface of the Moon after USSR, USA & EU.
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