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Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)


  • IRNSS, an independent and indigenously developed regional navigation satellite system of India.
  • It will provide accurate real-time positioning and timing services over India and region extending to 1500 km around India.
  • It is ‘regional’, unlike the GPS of USA with its 24 satellites is ‘global’. However, because it is specific to the Indian region, it is expected to be even more accurate than the GPS.
  • The system is expected to provide a position accuracy of better than 20 metre in the primary service area.
  • The fully deployed IRNSS system consists of 3 satellites in GEO orbit and 4 satellites in GSO orbit, approximately 36,000 km altitude above earth surface.
  • Though the full system comprises of nine satellites, including two on the ground as stand-by.
  • It is expected to become fully operational from April, 2016 onwards.
  • It would provide two services, with the Standard Positioning Service open for civilian use, and the Restricted Service (an encrypted one) for authorised users (including the military).
  • Need of IRNSS:
  1. To reduce dependency over foreign GPS system
  2. To meet our strategic need in times of hostile conditions, as happened to the Indian military depending on US GPSduring Kargil War.
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