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Bt cotton

Bt cotton is a Genetically Modified organism cotton variety, which is produced by inserting Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) bacteria by the process of Genetic Engineering.
Bt cotton has several advantages over non Bt cotton. The important advantages of Bt cotton are briefly:
 Increases yield of cotton due to effective control of three types of bollworms, viz. American, Spotted and Pink bollworms.
 Insects belonged to Lepidoptera (Bollworms) are sensitive to crystalline endotoxic protein produced by Bt gene which in turn protects cotton from bollworms.
 Reduction in pesticide use in the cultivation of Bt cotton in which bollworms are major pests.
 Reduction in the cost of cultivation and lower farming risks.
 Reduction in environmental pollution by the use of insecticides rarely.
 Bt cotton exhibit genetic resistance or inbuilt resistance which is a permanent type of resistance and not affected by environmental factors. Thus protects crop from bollworms.
 Bt cotton is ecofriendly and does not have adverse effect on parasites, predators, beneficial insecticides and organisms present in soil.
 It promotes multiplication of parasites and predators which help in controlling the bollworms by feeding on larvae and eggs of bollworm.
 No health hazards due to rare use of insecticides (particularly who is engaged in spraying of insecticides).
 Bt cotton are early in maturing as compared to non Bt cotton.
However, it has some limitations:
 High cost of Bt cotton seeds as compared to non Bt cotton seeds.
 Effectiveness up to 120 days, after that the toxin producing efficiency of the Bt gene drastically reduces.
 Ineffective against sucking pests like jassids, aphids, whitefly etc.
 Moreover, it may result in monoculture
 It increases farmers’ dependency on multi-national companies.

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