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Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS Paper-2

  1. Discuss the relevance of Section 123 (3) of the Representation of the Peoples Act in the present day Indian polity. Give your opinion to enhance its efficacy.
  2. “India can’t expect to hold down Russia to an exclusive relationship with itself”, comment in the light of strengthening Russia-China-Pak axis.
  3. “Indian Diaspora’s potential for Indian strength has not been realized yet” critically analyse the given statement; making comparison between the contribution of oversees Israeli and Indian Diaspora to their mother land.
  4. What are the significances of Satuluj-Yamuna Link canal for Punjab and Haryana? What are the objections raised by Punjab? Analyze the Constitutional/legal provisions with regard to sharing of inter-state river water dispute.
  5. “Autonomy needs not be absolute”, elaborate your answer with some recent events. Do you agree that cap on autonomy should be well defined or there should be no cap?
  6. Should political parties be brought under RTI Act? Critically analyse recent steps taken by Union Government to make political parties more accountable. Give your suggestions to clean up Indian political system.
  7. “Indo-Nepal and Indo-Sri Lankan relations are at the cross road”, elucidate the statement with recent developments. Analyze the causes that are responsible for such relationship. What steps should be taken by the government to improve our relation with the two countries?
  8. “Trump’s policy on immigration is not against India”, critically analyze the statement. Suggest measures that should be taken by the government of India to mitigate its possible impacts.
  9. Do you think Indian policy with regard to Israel and recent UNSC votes show some divergence of opinion? Do Indian initiatives in this regard be termed as “right policy at wrong time”? Do you see any divergence from our established ‘West Asia Policy’
  10. What are the significances of ‘Raisina Dialogue-II’? Discuss Indo-China relation and their views with regard to Pakistan.
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