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Justice C.N.V. Reddy’s removal bid failed

The motion to remove Andhra & Telangana High Court judge Justice C.V. Nagarjuna  Reddy failed for the second times, as 9 of the 54 Rajya  Sabha MPs  withdrew their signature.

Earlier bid failed in December, 2016, When 19 of the 61 Rajya Sabha MPs withdrew their names.

Why the removal petition failed?

In Rajya Sabha, such a removal petition of a High Court Judge, can’t be initiated without the signature of at least 50 members of Rajya Sabha

In this case the petition failed to get 50 MPs signature.

What was the issue?

Justice Reddy has been accused of victimizing a Dalit junior civil court judge for refusing to remove the name of his brother from the dying declaration of a person on 2012.

What is the procedure of removal of a judge of High Court and Supreme Court?

  1. The removal petition, addressed to the President, can be initiated in either House of Parliament.
  2. However, such process can’t be initiated without the signatures of at least 50 members of Rajya Sabha or 100 members of Lok Sabha.
  3. After such a motion gets admitted in a House, a three member committee investigates the charge.
  4. If the Committee finds the judge guilty of misbehavior or incapacity, the House in which the motion was initiated, must pass it with Two Third majority.
  5. Then the same is passed with Two Third majority by the 2nd House
  6. After the motion is passed by both the Houses, an address is made to the President for the removal of the Judge.
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