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India’s Chabahar port plan: China’s expected reaction

According to Chinese media, India’s plan to develop Chabahar port is to counter Pakistan—China plan to develop Gwadar port. They see it not as an economic adventure; rather they see it as geo-political strategy of India.

However, they believe that Iran will not always side with India, as they cannot ignore China in many a field. According to them, “China is also crucial to Tehran’s core interests. Moreover, Iran never publicly articulated its opposition to the Sino—Pakistani project in Gwadar.”

Why this reaction?

  1. China is afraid of growing axis of Indo-Iran-Central Asia, that will obstruct its plan to explore and exploit the natural resource of Central Asia
  2. Geo-politically, China wants to isolate India by its Policy of Encirclement/ String of Pearl Policy. Indian effort will risk its policy.
  3. India’s “Beyond Chabahar Prospect” is actually the real cause of China’s anxiety. China is afraid of growing influence of India in the Central Asia.

What is “Beyond Chabahar Prospect”?

  1. India’s direct link with Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan
  2. India’s direct entry to gas rich Kazakhstan
  3. India’s indirect approach to Chinese border near its disturbed province of Sinking.
  4. Possibility of diversion of Russian gas pipeline to Arabian sea-shore.
  5. India’s energy security
  6. India’s trade prospect with Central Asian and east European countries, with the development International North –South Transport Corridor

Significance of Chabahar port for India:

  1. Energy security with Central Asian natural gas
  2. Sustainable and easy affordable crude supply from Iran
  3. Direct link with Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan.
  4. Strategic importance vis-à-vis Sino-Pak axis. Indo-Iran alliance outweigh Sino-Pak axis in the region.
  5. It will facilitate India’s presence in Central Asia and east European countries, including Russia.
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