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“Cross Strait at Crossroad”: Dynamics of China- Taiwan relation

Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping warned Taiwan that “One China” is the ultimate goal of People’s Republic of China and China does not rule out the use of force. This warning came after the President of Taiwan, Ms. Tsai Ingwen rejected Xi Jinping’s proposal of unified China under “One Country Two System” framework.

Both mainland China or PRC and Taiwan i.e. Republic of China (ROC) believe in “One China” policy, however, both claim to be the real China.

History of Taiwan

  • Taiwan was briefly ruled by several European countries like Netherland, Spain and France.
  • Japan ruled it for 50 years. With the Japanese surrender in 1945, it came under the rule of ROC.
  • Following Chinese Civil War of 1949, Republicans lost control over mainland China and were forced to take refuge in Taiwan by the new communist regime of PRC..

Recent development

  • Chinese President Ji Xinping proposed unification of China under “One Country, Two System” framework. He assured Taiwanese people’s religious and legal freedoms in the unified country.
  • Taiwan’s President, Ms. Tsai Ingwen rejected the proposal and instead, suggested peaceful settlement of island disputes.
  • Chinese President retaliated with the threat to use force for unification.
  • Political analysts feel that any effort to change the regional balance may lead to 3rd World War, as Taiwan has the direct backing of USA.
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