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History and Culture wizard for IAS (Mains), 2017

Q.1. “While some Englishmen were battling at home for improvements in Parliament and reforms in religion, others were adventuring across the Atlantic to establish colonies and trade in the Americas”. Was this their confusion of thought or their double standard?

Q.2. “Cultural evolution need not match economic revolution”, comment making a comparison between north and south India’s political evolution from Indus to pre-independence time.

Q.3. Do you think Taxila and Nalanda failed to infuse scientific temperament in the society and hence collapsed with the external aggression?

Q.4. “English education introduced by British government in India created India but killed Indian ethos”, comment.

Q.5. “Poona Pact brought a new thought of social engineering that changed the entire political game plan of British government”, comment. Do you think the event brought depressed section to the mainstream political system?

Q.6. North Indian architecture, music and paintings have great Persian influence”, Comment. Discuss the role of climate and topography in the development of distinct Nagara and Dravidian architecture in India.

Q.7. How was Quit India Movement different from Civil Disobedience Movement? Whether it represented any shift in Gandhian philosophy?

Q.8. “Revolutionary movement in India lacked continuity and hence failed to take leadership of Indian freedom struggle”, comment.

Q.9. What are the complications of Indo-Arab-Israel relationship? Do you think earlier policy of India in this regard was more confused and directionless than present time policy?

Q.10. “Historically ‘Gorbachev Doctrine’ is knocking at the door of China and Cuba and will do the same at later time in North Korea”, elaborate the given statement in the light of the collapse of the last pillars of Communism.

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