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Irulas threaten to boycott TN election

Irulas threaten to boycott TN election as after decades of their settlement in Pakkam village they have been not provided with the basic amenities like electricity connections. As a result of this, the Irular Association passed a resolution in a meeting recently to boycott the Assembly elections altogether. As a mark of protest, Irulas have raised black flags on their houses.


  • Irulasare an ethnic group of Nilgiri Mountain in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • They are one of the Scheduled Tribes
  • Traditionally, the main occupation of the Irulas has been snake and rat catching.Irula men use a traditional earthen pot fumigation method to catch them.
  • Their mother tongue is Irula language that is considered a member of the Dravidian

They are classified as the Negrito ethnic group. Unlike the tribes in the Andaman Islands, like Great Andamanese, Jarwas and Onges, who have retained their language, Irulas have adopted the local regional languages such as Tamil and Telgu.

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