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Geography Series-1/30 for IAS Prelims-2017: Small rivers in news

Small rivers of India in news

  1. Torsa River: origin-Chumbi valley in Tibet as Machu, flows into Bhutan as Amo Chu and enters West Bengal. It passes through Jaldapara National Park in West Bengal. Torsa meets Kaljani and Kaljani meets Jamuna (Brahmaputra).
  2. Sankosh is a river that rises in northern Bhutan as Puna Tsang Chu and joins Brahmaputra in Assam.
  3. Raidāk River(also called Wang Chhu or Wong Chhu in Bhutan) is a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. It flows through Bhutan, West Bengal and joins Brahmaputra in Bangladesh. Dams on Wong Chhu river
  • Chukhahydel project built by India
  • Tala Hydroelectric Power Station

Note: First three rivers were suggested by Bengal CM, Mamta Banerjee, as alternative to Teesta.

  1. Teesta is the fourth largest trans-boundary river shared between India and Bangladesh, after the Ganges, Brahmaputra and the Meghna (GBM) river system. The Teesta originates in the Indian state of Sikkim and its total length is 414 km, out of which 151 km lie in Sikkim, 142 kms flow along the Sikkim-West Bengal boundary and through West Bengal, and 121 km run in Bangladesh. It is said to be the lifeline of Sikkim.
  2. Barak river: It rises in Manipur and then flows through Mizoram and Assam. At its entry in Bangladesh it divides into Surma and Kushiyara. In its last course, it joins Meghna. India has constructed Tipaimukh Hydropower project on this river in Manipur.
  3. Feni River: It originates in South Tripura district  and flows through Sabroom town (a riverine Port) and then enters Bangladesh. Muhuri river, also called Little Feni, from Noakhali district joins it near its mouth.
  4. Palar river: rises in Nandi Hills (Karnataka), then passes through AP and TN, to finally drain into Bay of Bengal. Two reservoirs- Poondi & Chembarambakkam Lakes were constructed over this river to supply water to Chennai. But its significance declined with the commissioning of Telgu-Ganga Project, that is a water supply scheme implemented by APto provide drinking water to Chennai from Krishna River.  AP is planning to construct a dam over Palar River but TN has objected to it.
  5. Daman Ganga: Origin in Western Ghat, passes through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu; and finally drains into Arabian Sea. Vapi, Dadra & Silvasa on its northern bank and Daman occupies both banks of its estuary. Daman Ganga Multipurpose Project, an irrigation project, is shared between Gujarat, Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu. Madhuvan dam is on this river, near Silvasa, in Gujarat.
  6. Hindon River: origin in Shiwalik hills of lower Himalaya, runs between Ganga and Yamuna and drains into Yamuna. One of its tributaries is Kali, that is highly polluted in UP. Alamgirpur, an Indus site, lie on its bank.
  7. Akravati: originates in Nandi Hills (Karnataka) and drains out in Arabian Sea.
  8. Penna river: originates in Nandi Hills (Karnataka, then passes through AP to finally drain into Bay of Bengal. The estuary of the Penna river extends 7 km upstream from the Bay of Bengal. AP is planning to link Krishna with Penna river.
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