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Global deal on climate-changing HFC: Deal Summary and Indian gain/ loss

Deal Summary

  1. Developed countries
  • These countries will start to phase down the climate impacting family of harmful refrigerants gases called HFCs by 2019.
  • They would have to reduce their usage of these chemicals by 2036 to 85 per cent below 2011-2013 levels.
  1. Developing countries: This group include most of the developing countries including China
  • They will start a freeze of HFCs consumption levels in 2024.
  • They will bring down their use of the harmful refrigerants to 80 per cent below 2020-22 levels by 2045.
  1. Developing countries: This group include some developing countries like India
  • They will start a freeze of HFCs consumption levels in 2028, gaining four extra years.
  • They would be required to reduce the usage by 85 per cent below 2024-26 levels by 2047.

India & the deal

  1. Indian win
  • Indian demand for different freezing year for Developed and Developing countries was accepted
  • Indian industry could get higher incremental costs than those agreed to for earlier technology shifts
  • India gained an extra four years to start the transition
  1. Indian loss
  • India failed on the issue of technology transfer from developed countries
  • India failed to get 2030 as freeze year that would have given it critical two years after expiry of patents to develop cheaper technology options
  • India failed to pressurize developed countries to take deeper commitments to drive technology costs further down
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