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Yojana based test series for IAS-Mains-2016-IV- North-East India

Q.1. “North-East is the Gateway to Act East Policy and South East Asia is the key to infrastructural connectivity for North-East”, comment in the light of their potential and possibilities.

Q.2. “Skill development is the key to inclusive growth in the North-East India”, comment, highlighting the significance of some specific local or regional skills.

Q.3. “Organic farming has great scope in North-East India”, elaborate the given statement. To what extent it will promote local’s participation and hence national integration?

Q.4. “Sustainable approach finds its natural ally in North-East”, substantiate the statement taking examples from agriculture to small scale and handicraft industries of the region.

Q.5. “Inclusive growth is the key to contain insurgency in North-East India”, analyse the statement citing the impact of such schemes in the region.

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