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Wednesday test for IAS (Mains): Paper-II

Time Allowed: 1:30 hour


Maximum marks: 100

Q.1. “A new look Indo-Taiwan relation is to counter CPEC and OBOR: Chinese media”, do you agree with the statement? What are the economic needs on either side?

Q.2.Do you think that conflict in South China Sea is forcing new geo-political alignment that is quite different from pre-second World War condition?

Q.3. What are the compulsions of strengthening Indo- Israel relations in recent days? Do you find any shift in India’s Middle East policy?

Q.4. “Europe’s sustainability without USA, as it appears with the rise of Trump, is not possible”. Comment.

Q.5. Do you see any convergence of Tsai’s ‘Southbound Policy’ and India’s ‘Act East Policy’? Analyze the compulsions and convenience of India and Taiwan in this regard.

Q.6. NGO system has neither evolved nor matured in India “, Comment in the light of various controversies in India.

Q.7. Do you think British model of Civil Services promotes and strengthens Indian democracy?

Q.8. “We do not need citizens charter but transparency that will enhance accountability and limit corruption” Comment.

Q.9. “Vulnerable sections are still vulnerable”, elaborate this statement taking some of the specific schemes and their failure to brought about changes

Q.10. “We are moving from food security to health security” critically analyse the statement in the light of government’s measures since independence

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