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Resolution introduced in US House to bring India on par with NATO allies

A Congressional resolution has been introduced by Congressman George Holding, ahead of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s visit to India to bring India on par with NATO allies.

 It aims

  • To bring India on a par with America’s NATO allies in terms of Trade and technology transfer
  • To elevate India’s status in export of defiance articles from the US

George Holding is the Co-Chair of the House India Caucus.

The resolution, US-India Defense Technology and Partnership Act (HR 4825) proposes to amends the Arms Export Control Action so as to formalize India’s status for the purpose of congressional notifications as a major partner of equal status as America’s treaty allies and closest partners.

If passed

  • It will elevate India’s status by shortening the time required for the notification of sale or export of defense articles from the United States to India. It will bring India on par with NATO in terms of notification period.
  • It will encourage more joint contingency planning and require the US government review and assess India’s ability to execute military operations of mutual interest.
  • It will strengthen our strategic partnership with USA by facilitating closer collaboration
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