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Mock tests for GS (Mains), 2018: Economy & IR

Q.1. Discuss the salient features of Model Agriculture Produce and Livestock Contract Farming and Services (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2018. To what extent it will help increase farmers’ income. Suggest measures, in addition to this Act which will help double farmers’ income.

Q.2. Indians’ deposit in Swiss banks have increased this year, after registering fall in the past three consecutive years. What are its possible causes? Do you see an increase of black money generation or a fear to be in India? Discuss the possible impacts of recent legislation, in this regard.

Q.3. “Good Indo-Iran relation should not be sacrificed to safeguard the Indo- US relation”, elaborate the delicate balance to be maintained by India. Do you see any US double standard in this respect?

Q.4. “India Post Payment Bank is a great leap towards financial inclusion, rural boom and social justice,” elaborate the given statement explaining its complementary role to various schemes in the given fields.

Q.5. “ Safe and secure women in India will be great asset for Indian economic development.” Explain their role in human resource development to lead role in various fields of economy.

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