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Mock Test for PCS (Mains): GS-Paper I- Geography & Society


Maximum marks: 250
Time Allowed: 3:00 hour


Candidates should attempt all the questions.

There are 15 Questions. 10 questions of 15 marks and 5 questions with 2 sub-parts of 10 mark each.

Word limit for each question is mentioned with the question.

Q.1. “In recent years rainfall variability during Monsoon has increased”, elaborate this changing pattern and its causes, with special reference to flood in Kerala.  (200 words)

Q.2. South Asia is rich in water resource, however it is underutilized. Give details of its causes and your suggestions to improve its utilization. (200 words)

Q.3. Why tropical cyclones originate only over oceans? Discuss the factors responsible for its non occurrence in the Bay of Bengal during monsoon season. (200 words)

Q.4. What are the natural causes of earthquake? Discuss its distribution over earth. Why earthquake is more common in eastern Himalayan foothills as compared to western Himalayan foothills?  (200 words)

Q.5. A. Incidences of forest fire have increased in recent times. What are its causes? Discuss its specific cause in Himachal forest.  (100 words)

B. Discuss the factors responsible for desert formation on the western margins of tropical countries. (100 words)

Q.6. A. Location pattern of world steel industry has changed. What are such changes and why? (100 words)

B. Discuss the significance of food processing industries in North West India. (100 words)

Q.7. Water logging has become a common problem in intensive agriculture fields. Discuss its causes. What are causes of the development of Shem (water logged area) in south western part of Punjab? Suggest agronomic method to minimise its adverse impacts?  (200 words)

Q.8. “Only success of primary industry can promote sustainable agriculture and great Green Revolution in Punjab”, elaborate. (200 words)

Q.9. Do you think change in cropping pattern is needed in Punjab to safeguard the interest of farmers as well the health of soil? Discuss the natural cropping pattern of this region according to Agro-climatic division of ICAR. (200 words)

Q.10. A. Discuss the agronomic practices responsible for soil degradation in Punjab.  (100 words)

B. In recent days agriculture efficiency has declined in Punjab. What are its causes? (100 words)

Q.11. “Globalization has economically benefited Indian society but has broken the fabrics of Indian society”, Comment. Do you think that globalization will ultimately enhance the trinity of liberty, equality and integrity in India? (200 words)

Q.12. “Rurban needs to be developed to contain the problems of rapid urbanization”, Comment. To what extent government’s plan to develop new cities is better than rurban development. (200 words)

Q.13. Explain the relationship between poverty and malnutrition. Should government focus on poverty alleviation schemes or on specific schemes to eradicate malnutrition? (200 words)

Q.14. A.“Reformers have played great role in developing Indian values”. Explain with specific contribution of Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak devji. (100 words)

B. “In Indian context, secularism is more close to positive communalism” Comment. (100 words)

Q.15. A. What do you mean by ‘Son preference’ and ‘Meta son preference’? Which of the above preferences is more common in Punjab and what are its impacts? (100 words)

 B. “Family is the base on which values develop”, comment in the light economic development. (100 words)


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