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Mock Test for PCS (Mains): GS-II (Polity & Governance)

Candidates should attempt all the questions.

There are 15 Questions. 10 questions of 15 marks and 5 questions with 2 sub-parts of 10 mark each.

Word limit for each question is mentioned with the question.

Q.1. “Reservation or de-reservation- it needs dynamism”, comment in the light of growing demand for inclusion in the reserved list and counter agitation against it.

Q.2. Do you think devolution of political power is more important than the economic development to control the growing tendency of separatism? Explain with specific case study of central India.

Q.3. There is a demand for Common Civil Code. Do you think that it should replace the present system of civil law? Will it create a sense of fear among minorities? Give suggestions to address this fear.

Q.4. “Implementation of Panchayati Raj initiated inclusive growth”, Elaborate with specific examples of optimization of government fund.

Q.5. “Indian Constitution is more close to British system than to American system” Give details of similar and dissimilar features of the three.

Q.6. Discuss salient features of the Representation of Peoples Act, with amendments. Give your suggestion to amend the Act to eliminate the role of criminals in politics.

Q.7. Discuss the complementary role of legislature, Executive and Judiciary. Give recent trends of conflict.


a. “Devolution of power will strengthen federal bond”. Elucidate with specific examples.

b. “Election Commission needs more power to conduct free election”. Suggest ways to ensure its independence.


a. “In real term Council of Ministers is more powerful than President” Comment with specific examples.

b. “More power to Lok Sabha strengthens unitary feature of Indian system while more power to Rajya Sabha strengthens federal feature”, Comment.


a. Compare and contrast the legislative role of President and Governors in India.

b. “Death sentence should be abolished” Comment in the light of growing trend of crime against vulnerable sections of society.

Q.11. To what extent RTI has improved work culture and ethical norms in governance? Should RTI be implemented in all spheres of our life?

Q.12. “Citizen’s Charter will help in optimizing public funds and imposing quality of service delivery” Comment.

Q.13. “Ethical norms do not require law and rules for its implementation”, comment. Discuss the changes going on in Indian society.


a. Suggest measures to strengthen ethical and moral values in governance. To what extent it improve government’s performance?

b. To what extent civil services strengthen democracy?


a. “Transparency in corporate governance is necessary for healthy and sustainable economic development”, comment.

b. Discuss the philosophical basis of governance and probity. What is its significance in present day Indian Context?





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