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Mock Test for Mains: Ethics

  1. “Merely because a practice has continued for long, that by itself cannot make it valid”, comment in the light of recent judgment. To what extent it promoted and strengthened ethics over legal norms.
  2. What are the contradictions between work efficiency and ethical practices? Do you see any common point of convergence between the two in achieving better human life?
  3. “All your service to mankind is wasted if you put your personal interest above common wellbeing”, critically analyse the statement taking any specific case of recent time.
  4. What do you mean by ‘social evils are universal but religious believes are regional in nature and so regional approach of getting rid of evils in religion is needed to achieve greater social welfare’?
  5. “Freedom of expression or speech need not always lead to anti-nationalism”, comment. Do you think that ‘freedom of expression / speech’ is not the ‘cup of tea’ for Indians even after 70 years of independence?
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