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Mock Test for IAS (Mains),2017: GS-I-World History and national movement

  1. “American civil war is resurfacing with the victory of Donald Trump,” compare the past and present situation of USA. What is the difference between racial clashes and economic class wars? Which of the two has more imprints on the present crisis?
  2. “Napoleon was defeated by the combined forces opposed to liberalism,” do you agree with the given statement. What was the significance of 200th anniversary of Battle of Waterloo?
  3. Do you think Doklam crisis like border disputes in Himalaya, resulted from British policy? What is the link between ‘Hundred Years of Humiliation’ and Chinese policy of expansion?
  4. “World War 1st is responsible for present day Middle East problems”, explain in the light of Syrian crisis and mass exodus.
  5. “Colonial powers left Africa in perpetual condition of civil war “ elaborate with specific examples of Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  6. What were the causes of Korean War? Did it have any international connection? Do the present tension is the prolongation of Cold War era?
  7. “Spread of Socialistic thought in the 20th century restricted the process of colonization of 19th century,” comment taking specific examples.
  8. “Gandhian philosophy of non-violence was the major force behind India’s independence”, comment in the light of the contribution of fringe elements in the freedom struggle.
  9. Do you think Netaji’s resignation as Congress president was the turning point in India’s struggle for freedom? Also discuss the causes of his exit and its consequences.
  10. How was Wavell Plan different from Cripps Proposal? Give details of reactions of then political parties of India in this regard.
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