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Mock Test for IAS (Mains): International Relation

  1. “Marx is proved wrong by his own product of communism”, Comment in the light of politico-economic growth of China. Compare the growth of Russia and China in this respect.
  2. Do you think 2017 is quite different from 1962, both in bilateral and multilateral term, in case of an Indo-China conflict?
  3. Multi Polar World, Bipolar World or Leader less world– which one is good for world peace and prosperity. Analyze the statement in the light of pre and post world war geopolitics.
  4. ”Trump- economic power but political vacuum,” comment in term of Trumps’ impact on USA as well as World peace, economic development and sustainable environment.
  5. The changing relations in GCC, Arab League and OPEC are indicative of new world geo-politics. Discuss with specific examples of Qatar and Syrian crisis.
  6. “A final Brexit will be good for Britain but bad for EU”, comment in terms of socio-polico-economic dimensions. What will be its impact on Indian Brain Drain?
  7. If we support ‘Modi’s India First’, why we oppose ‘Trump’s US First’? Do you see the reverse policy of globalization has started in the world after the arrival of Trump?
  8. “G-20 failed to achieve its goal of world peace in terms of political and economic sustainability”, do you agree?
  9. What are the historical geneses of Syrian conflict? Do you agree with the intelligentsia that the conflict will end, if outside interference ends?
  10. “The growing warmth of Indo-Israel relation will restrict India’s role in the Middle-East geo-politics, including Afghanistan”, do you agree with this press release of CPI?
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