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Mock Test for IAS (Mains): Governance

  1. “Right to Privacy is not absolute”, do you agree with the statement? To what extent Aadhar encroaches or interferes into Right to Privacy or Right to Privacy meddles with transparency?
  2. Original jurisdiction of Supreme Court under Article 131 is not absolute. Do you agree with the given statement? If yes, give details of such exclusions.
  3. “The greatest war against corruption is the promotion of e-Governance”, discuss various steps taken in recent days by the government. Also suggest measures to bring in more transparency in the system to achieve this objective.
  4. Do you think devolution of political power is more important than the economic development to control the growing tendency of separatism? Explain with specific case study of central India.
  5. “Uniformity need not lead to equality”, comment in the light of growing demand for Uniform Civil Code. Do you think Uniform Civil Code against the cultural diversity of India? Does it mean imposition of majoritarianism?
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