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Mock Test for IAS (Mains): Economics

  1. “It is not the unbalanced budget but undisciplined unbalanced budget that should be our concern”, elaborate in Indian context. Compare Indian and US system of fiscal management. Should we move towards US system?
  2. “Resource mobilization to meet fiscal requirement needs a new look”, elaborate highlighting present constraints and future scope. Do you think that low tax regime will strengthen resource mobilization effort of government?
  3. “Rural-urban migration should be discouraged” Comment in the light of slum associated problems. Do you think that “smart village” is the pre-requisite for the success of “smart city”?
  4. Why there was demand for more Repo Rate cut from RBI? Do you think RBI Governor’s logic behind not cutting RR, instead reducing SLR is correct step in present day economic environment?
  5. Discuss the impacts of Centralized planning on employment generation, economic growth and internal security in India. Give your suggestion and compare the role of decentralized planning in these regards.
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