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Mock test for IAS Mains-2017: S & T, Environment & Geography

  1. “No first Use and rejection of NPT/ CTBT show India’s confusion rather strategy”, do you agree? What are the compulsions and need of India in these regards.
  2. Discuss the success of ICDS in ensuring child health and controlling population growth rate. Give your suggestion to make the scheme more effective.
  3. Discuss the role of science in mitigating natural disasters in India. Give details of such coherent efforts among SAARC member countries, making special mention of India’s Disaster Management Plan announced by our government.
  4. “India has preserved sufficient space to grow conventional energy while being ambitious in its renewable energy targets”, elaborate in the light of India’s obligation towards “common but differentiated” world responsibility towards Paris Treaty.
  5. “Rejection of Paris Agreement by USA will have little impact on World’s effort towards better environment”, comment.
  6. Discuss the dynamic of Science, Environment and Economic Development. Make specific case study of Developing countries and compare it with the Developed countries.
  7. “Though both Chernozem of Steppes and Regur of Deccan Trap are black soil but they support different crops,” Explain with examples. Also discuss the role of climate and topography in their formation.
  8. “Primary industries are more raw material oriented than secondary industries” Comment, making specific reference of at least three sectors.
  9. Compare and contrast the fishing grounds off the eastern and western coast of Europe. Why fishing as industry failed to take up in India?
  10. Recently corals have been discovered at great depth. What are the possible explanations in this regard?
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