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Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: Internal Security

  1. “Devolution of powers is necessary to control growing tendency of Maoism”. Comment in the light of recent government steps. Do these steps support the given statement?
  2. “Social security sites have strengthened thoughts and creativity but sacrificed national security”, comment highlighting its positive as well as negative role in some of the recent incidents. Do you think that “Freedom of Press” in India and national security has any common convergence in the present day national environment?
  3. “Money laundering is the main source of terrorist funding in India and in the world”, elaborate the statement. What are the efforts taken in India and in the world to control money laundering and terrorist financing? Do you think that a major international effort is the only solution to the menace of terrorism in the entire world?
  4. “National security can’t be assured without the feeling of nationalism however, nationalism can’t be imposed without the feeling of commonness”, comment in the light of growing debate on nationalism and national security.
  5. “Maoism in India flourished more because of support from intelligentsia rather than the socio- economic divide”, comment highlighting the growing evidences of support coming from different university professors, media and some of the intellectuals. Do you think that the support of intelligentsia to Maoism is destroying the basic structure of democracy that is being propagated by the same intelligentsia?
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