Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS-III (Economics)

  1. . “Price disparity between Agriculture and non-agriculture products had worsened the conditions of farmers” Comment, highlighting their plight at the hands of various stockholders.
  2. “National Agriculture marketing will succeed only with the commercial activities in rural India and better connectivity”, elaborate the statement with specific examples. Also highlight the supportive schemes in this regard.
  3. Do you think free and fair trade in global agriculture products will ultimately benefit Developing economy. Do you agree with the demand for the withdrawal of subsidy in all forms on agri-products?
  4. What are the advantages assured to various stockholders by the Model Land Lease Act? To what extent, it will promote ‘benefit targeting’ of various government schemes.
  5. Government has enhanced its expenditure on micro and tank irrigation in 2017-18 Budget. What was their need? Consider their economic and environmental relevance.
  6. “Twin economic strikes of demonetization and GST implementation present more contradictions than coherences”, comment. Do they have any point of convergence in the economic arena of corruption?
  7. Discuss the significances of ‘Rising village and Growing India’ theme of Economic model presented in 2017-18 Budget. Will the theme support sustainable development?
  8. “Subsidy in agriculture has increased Ginny’s Coefficient in India”, comment and support your arguments with specific examples. Do you think that high Ginny’s Coefficient of western developed world has different social impact than the high Ginny’s Coefficient of India?
  9. Should FRBM Act be implemented in today’s India? Has its significance increased after demonetization? Give details of government’s effort in this respect.
  10. What are the causes of increasing NPA of banks? What are the recent steps taken by RBI to minimize its impact? Will demonetization increase or decrease the proportion of NPAs and how?
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