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Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS-II

  1. “Judicial activism in social sphere is a welcome trend”, comment in the light of some of the recent judgments. Why such activism in political sphere affairs is opposed to by some? Do you agree with such oppositions?
  2. “Removal of limit to political funding by corporate will bring in more transparency and reduce corruption.” Explain. Give details of steps taken by government.
  3. Do you think special provisions for minorities are against the basic features of equality under our Constitution? Should such rights be made secondary to human rights?
  4. “Simultaneous holding of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha election is against democracy, “Comment.
  5. Should Delhi be declared as UT under LG or UT under elected Vidhan Sabha? Give details of Constitutional and legislative provisions in this regard.
  6. How can you justify the greater role assigned to High Courts as compared to Supreme Court as guardian of Constitution, specially  with respect of fundamental Rights?
  7. “Reservation or de-reservation- it needs dynamism”, comment in the light of growing demand for inclusion in the reserved list. Do you consider the demand of Jats and Patidar genuine?
  8. Appointment of Judges of High Court and Supreme Court as Governor of states  leads to interference in judicial system  by executive”, Comment.
  9. “Religion must be restricted and rest of life must be regulated and modified to make a strong consolidated nation”, comment in the light of growing controversy in socio- political spheres in India.
  10. Should CAG be made multi-member? Give your suggestions to make it more accountable and its function more transparent.
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