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Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS-I-Society


  1. Why regionalism is considered against the concept of nationalism? Do you think it a positive thought for nation building?
  2. Do you think globalization has strengthened and supported women empowerment in India? Discuss various fields where women benefitted and those where their position deteriorated?
  3. “Division of labour benefits economy as well as society but its product in the form of caste system of India has worsened the condition of economy as well as society”, comment.
  4. “Indian diversity resulted more from historical waves of immigration rather than from geographical variations”, comment making some comparisons with foreign countries and their society.
  5. “A cohesive society develops only when Social empowerment precedes economic empowerment”, comment. Explain in the light of evolution of Indian society.
  6. “Present form of secularism is responsible for the development of communalism in modern day India”, comment.
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