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Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: Geography-1

Q.1. Why potentials of commercial exploitation of Rain forest of South America is more than that of Rain forest of Africa? Also compare the exploitation of Rain forest with that of Needle leaf Forest.

Q.2.  What is temperature inversion? Explain its mechanism with three specific areas on earth or in its atmosphere. Discuss their impact in the respective area.

Q.3. Discuss the role of Walker Cell of Southern Pacific Ocean over Indian Monsoon. To what extent IOD moderate the impact of ENSO?

Q.4. Why cloud burst are more common in Western Himalaya as compared to Eastern Himalaya and Western Ghat? Suggest measures to mitigate its impact.

Q.5. Why forest fire are more frequent in Southern Europe during summer season, thought they are close to sea?

Q.6.Why Tropical cyclone develops only over sea while Temperate cyclone develops both over land & sea?

Q.7. “Eastern Pacific and Eastern Atlantic oceans in Northern Hemisphere are more navigable than their western counter part”, elaborate with specific examples.

Q.8. Shifting courses of rivers are more frequent in lower Ganga plain. What are its reasons? Do you think government’s preparedness in this direction is sufficient?

Q.9. Why high pressure around Horse Latitude is more consistent in Southern Hemisphere than Northern Hemisphere?

Q.10. Why ozone depletion is more common over poles and during spring?

Q.11. Why corals are mainly restricted to Eastern coast of Tropical lands? Why coral bleaching has increased these days?

Q.12. “World energy security lies in Tropical area”, explain giving specific sources of renewable energy from atmosphere to oceans, in this area.

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