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Mock Test for GS (Mains): Geography

  1. Tropical Cyclones over Bay of Bengal show great seasonal variations. Discuss its mechanism. How such variations are different from that of Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean? What are the impacts of Madden- Julian Oscillation over cyclones of Bay of Bengal?
  2. Commercial exploitation of forest resources over Indian Peninsula is not viable. What are its causes? How it can be optimized?
  3. Discuss the mechanism of low rainfall in the leeward side of Western Ghat? Also analyse the types of vegetation as well as crop distribution along its two slopes.
  4. “Though both Chernozem of Steppes and Regur of Deccan Trap are black, soil but they support different crops,” Explain with examples. Also discuss the role of climate and topography in their formation.
  5. “Eastern Himalaya’s dynamics differs from Western Himalaya and hence the calamities” discuss in the light of recent developments. Why seismic gap is developing along western part?
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