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Mock Test for Civil Services (Mains), 2017: GS Paper-2-Constitution, Polity & Social Justice

  1. “The controversy over Triple Talaq was more a gender issue than a legal matter”, comment. On what grounds the 5 judge bench of Supreme Court declared it illegal? Give your suggestions in favour of enactment of law in this regard.
  2. “Multi-party system in India is against the basic tenets of democracy”, comment. Compare Indian system of democracy with that of USA and UK. To what extent Indian system is close to British party system.
  3. Discuss the important provisions provided for UTs administration under Articles 239 & 239AA, with special reference to Delhi. Do you think the dispute between LG and Delhi government is federal in nature and hence appeal can be made in the Supreme Court under Article 131?
  4. “Anti-defection Law is not above judicial review”, comment in the light of various judgments. Why Speakers’ decision can’t be impartial in this regard? Give your suggestion in this regard that will promote democracy?
  5. Discuss the various rights of minorities provided under Indian Constitution. How such rights under ‘Common Domain’ are different from rights under ‘Separate Domain’?
  6. “Indian Constitution is the fusion of many Constitutions of the world.” Comment. To what extent Indian Constitution should be termed as a compromise among various vested groups?
  7. “The demand side constraints in the form of low purchasing power is dominant over supply side constraints is mainly responsible for poverty and hunger in India”, do you agree with the statement. Make a case study representation of a particular area to explain your point.
  8. “Women empowerment is still a dream to be fulfilled”, elaborate. Give details of government measures and schemes to empower women. Give your suggestions to make these efforts more effective.
  9. Discuss the significance of economic development in promoting national integration. Analyse various schemes of Government of India launched for the vulnerable sections of society and also give your suggestion to promote their emancipation in the mainstream.
  10. “Vulnerable sections are vulnerable only because of lack of human resource development”, comment taking specific examples of tribal belts of central India, north-east India and Andaman & Nicobar. Discuss various schemes launched by the government in this regard.
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