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Mock Test for Civil Services (Mains), 2017: GS-III- Economics

  1. Xiamen BRICS Summit opened the door for new CRA of BRICS. What is its need? Do you see any change in investment environment for emerging economy? What are the reasons given by Big 3 which downgrades India?
  2. Demonetisation move was a ‘massive theft of people’s property’: Steve Forbes Do you agree with the observation made by the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine? Do you think it proved uneconomic according to data provided by the RBI?
  1. “Moving from Green Revolution to Rainbow Revolution will make Indian agriculture as well as Indian economy more resilient against climate change and the negative impact of globalization”, elaborate.
  2. “Export driven Chinese economic expansion created more economic imbalances in the developed economy than Indian economic expansion”, comment.
  3. “Public Distribution System failed to achieve its twin objectives of food security and price stabilization.” Comment in the light of growing food insecurity and price fluctuation.
  4. Why India and China have jointly submitted a proposal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) calling for the develelimination? What are their concerns with regard to farm subsidies given by developed countries?
  5. What do you mean by ‘Twin Balance sheet Syndrome’? What went wrong in Indian case? Why it has least adverse impact on Indian economy as compared to USA?
  6. GDP growth slowed down to below 6% for April-June quarter of 2017. What are its causes? Give your suggestion to reverse the cycle.
  7. India failed to check money laundering. What are the specific provisions in India and the world to check money laundering? Give your suggestions to improve their efficacy.
  8. “Poverty related schemes need proper re-evaluation at the grass root level”. Comment in the light of the underperformance of various schemes.
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