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Kashmir tangle for IAS-Mains-2016

Q.1. Do you think Indus River gives an upper edge to India with respect to Pakistan in regional politics? Discuss the pros and cones in case India nullifies Indus Water Treaty?

Q.2. “Kashmir is neither a multilateral nor bilateral issue but a unilateral socio-economic-political issue”, analyse the statement emphasizing the role of economic development in this direction.

Q.3. “Isolation of Pakistan, whether economic or political, will work in containing Pak exported terrorism”, do you agree. Do you think, in today’s world, economic isolation is more effective to make a country more responsible to world peace?

Q.4. “MFN or not, both India and Pakistan will neither benefit nor lose”, discuss the possible impacts in different scenarios. Will the withdrawal give upper hand to India or will it have no impact?

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