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I have gone through different arguments forwarded by different authors and great personalities and the reactions and comments given by common people (of course with reach to net). I came to the conclusion that

  1. Majority of great alumina and personalities are of the view that the wrong has been done to JNU students and there was nothing wrong in that procession that attracted such stern actions.
  2. The second group of reaction came from the common persons who can comment on the writings of great personalities only and can’t become themselves great intelligentsia. Among these reactions i find that majority speaks of stern action against culprits but with justice.

What is my view?

  1. Many writers and of course the great ALUMINA of JNU and the media and intelligentsia are praising the pasts of JNU, giving examples of their contribution to Indian democracy to building great scholars and bureaucrats.
  • But does it mean that any institution that produced Gandhi, can’t produce Godse.
  • Remember, French revolution, the greatest of democratic movement, can’t take itself for granted that it can’t result in Napoleonic phase.
  • Nowhere in the Communist world, revolutions have succeeded in guarantying people’s right for long; it ultimately resulted in Stalin or Kim.
  • Moreover, present wrongs can’t be justified on the basis of past glory.
  1. Sedition OR no sedition- a charge that can be proved – wrong or right- should be decided by the court and not by the people in the street. We should simply demand for justice, like a common man. If police is doing wrong, the court is there to look into the matter. If government is doing wrong, let the public decide its fate in the next election.
  2. Most of the writers say that they or the Kanaiyas have total faith in Indian Constitution. But the incidents say something else.
  • Government- Executive and Legislature, judiciary or the police – all owe its existence to our Constitution. The slogans as seen and heard in the rally were all directly challenging these institutions.
  • The judgment about Afjal Guru was delivered by our Supreme Court and his mercy petition was rejected by the President, so does it not mean that such slogans in favour of Guru were against these institutions.
  1. We may for the time being consider such slogans against our institutions as political right in a democratic set up as correct and demanding, but “barbadi of India” is definitely that targets the basic structure of India i.e. the very existence of India. If India is there, only then we can imagine of Indian Constitution. This slogan itself says those students have no allegiance or regard or faith in Indian Constitution.
  2. If the great writers have any awareness about various rulings of Supreme Court, then should not have said that such slogans do not go against our Constitution. In several judgments, the Preambles have been described as the basic tenet of our Constitution and it starts with …” We, the people of India i.e. Bharat…”, these students were challenging India itself and you people say that it is not the case of sedition.
  3. Moreover, the great personalities say that this may be considered “youthful error”. These students doing research work, doing double MA or other degree courses, can’t be treated as “youth without responsibility”. On the one hand the great personalities consider them as the future intelligentsia and at the same time you say they don’t know what our Constitution wants. If they are ignorant people, we can well imagine of mass India. The mass- poor and illiterate know more about India than these slogans shouting intelligentsia.
  1. And last JNU is not a self- sustaining institution. These students live there, read there and probably learn more about Afzal, with the money doled out to them from the pockets of masses- whom they consider as illiterate, ignorant and considered them to lead because they are fool, according to their believes.

To conclude, I simply know what is said against India is also against Indians. 125 crore Indians cannot be hijacked and represented by a single institution like JNU, may be it has produced great personalities. But remember, 99% of Great Indians were not from JNU- Gandhi, Nehru, Bose to post independence era Hargovind Khurana, A. P. J. Kalam, Mother Teresa, Manek Shaw OR Kalpana Chawala. JNU, the self proclaimed institution has not produced even that much Generals as produced by some Higher secondary schools of Bihar. JNU, a so called research centre of India has not produced that much first time research papers as being produced by many of the less known institutions. So, simply in the name that “I am great and my deeds are great” you can’t claim to do everything correct.

To sum up

  1. Justice must be provided to all, including Kanaiya, if not guilty.
  2. Punishment must be given to those slogan making students
  3. Autonomous institutions like JNU or Jadhavpur University must be held responsible all such mis-deeds, if it happens in their campus. Autonomy without responsibility cannot complement democracy, it only promotes autocracy.
  4. In a democratic country, any institution cannot be put above its three pillars- Legislature, Executive and Judiciary; it does not matter that how many alumina it has produced.
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