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ISRO sets world record with the launch of 104 satellites in one go

Indian Space Research Organisation scripted history with the successful launch of 104 satellites on a single rocket PSLV-C37.  It broke the record of 37 satellites launch in one go by Russian Space Agency in 2014. India improved its own record of 20 satellites in June, 2016.

PSLV-C37 first injected CARTOSAT-2 series satellite, followed by ISRO’s two nano- satellites INS-1A and INS-1B. Later 101 nano-satellites of foreign countries were placed in their respective orbits. Of these foreign satellites, maximum was from USA (96) and rests were from Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, UAE and Israel.


  • Has life mission of 5 years
  • Will send images to monitor
  1. Activities of our hostile neighbours Pakistan and China along the international border with a resolution of less than a meter
  2. Coastal land use and regulations of International Sea Bed Authority
  3. Road/ Rail networking with precise accuracy to reduce accidents
  4. Resource management including water and river distribution
  5. Land use pattern to achieve our environment obligation to Paris Agreement

India’s future space plan

  1. Chandrayan-2: proposed to be launched on GSLV-MkII in 2017
  2. Aditya: to be launched by 2019-20 to explore solar corona
  3. SAARC Satellite: a communication cum meteorological satellite to be launched in 2017
  4. Venus: proposed in the 2017-18 budget
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