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GS Mains Test-2016: Questions on current Economic issues

Q.1. “Foreign investors began to feel the heat of GAAR”, critically analyse the statement making reference to specific tax treaties. Do you see any change in composition and direction of FDI towards India?

Q.2. “GST will make Indian economy more sustainable”, elaborate the given statement, making special assessment of its impact on domestic as well as international market.

Q.3. What are the impacts of amended Indo- Mauritius DTAA Protocol on the economic interest of India? Will it have any impact on “Make in India” theme?

Q.4. “MPC has more advantages than disadvantages”, make a critical appraisal of the given statement highlighting its pros and cones with respect to efficiency and independence of RBI.

Q.5. “High interest rate is not the cause of high proportion of NPAs of Indian banks”, critically evaluate the given statement of Ex RBI Governor, Mr. Rajan. Also try to explain the mind of Dr. Rajan in this regard.

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