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Current based economic and IR wizard for IAS-Mains, 2016

  1. “Science, politics and development” analyze their relationship in the light of “Mustard Satyagrah”. Do you think conflict will support sustainability?
  2. “Focus should be shifted from Tax Rate to Tax Base”, comment. Elaborate the role of Project Insight in this direction.
  3. Discuss the significance of MCLR for economy and consumers. Do you think recent rate cut by RBI will find better and quick expression in MCLR?
  4. “Rate cut by 25 basis point shows the impact of MPC”, comment highlighting the role of MPC vis-e-vis RBI Governor.
  5. “Geopolitical tension in South Asia will not have adverse impact on the economy of India” WEF. Analyse this statement elaborating the significance of relationship between security and development.
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