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Mock Test Series for IAS – 2017: Polity-1

Q.1. Which of the following Articles of Indian Constitution makes a Governor of State sub-ordinate to the President of India?

  1. Article 154
  2. Article 155
  3. Article 156
  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. 2 & 3
  4. 1 & 2

Q.2. Who alone can …

Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS Paper-2

  1. Discuss the relevance of Section 123 (3) of the Representation of the Peoples Act in the present day Indian polity. Give your opinion to enhance its efficacy.
  2. “India can’t expect to hold down Russia to an exclusive relationship with itself”,

Inter-state dispute and Article 131

Article 131 of the Constitution Of India

Our Constitution provides several mechanisms, both judicial as well as extra judicial mechanisms, for the settlement of inter-State disputes or Union- State disputes, such as

The judicial mechanism

Article 131: Original jurisdiction of

Anti-defection Act and Supreme Court judgements

Anti-defection Act: Key points

  1. A member can be disqualified in two circumstances
  • If he/she has voluntarily given up his/her membership of such political party ; or
  • If he/she votes or abstains from voting in such House contrary to any direction

Language Family & Official language of India: Constitutional and Legislative provisions

Indian language Family

The Indian languages belong to the following four linguistic groups:

  • The Indo-European family(Aryan)
  • The Dravidian family(Dravidian)
  • Austric family(Nishada)
  • Sino-Tibetan family (Kirata).

The Indo-Aryan language:

  • Spoken by 75% of Indians.
  • Its core area is known as the Khari



  1. Article 370
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Art. 370 (3)
  • Art. 368 (2)
  • Art. 35A
  1. Disturbed Area
  • ILP
  • PAP
  • RAP
  1. Hindu Succession Act
  • WAJIB Ul Urj
  • Section 6 of Hindu Succession Act
  1. Election commission
  • Recognition & suspension of political parties
  • Art.

TN government seeks Centre’s views on freeing Rajiv case convicts

TN government seeks centre’s opinion on the release of seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case as they have already served more than 24 years in prison. This became necessary after December, 2015 SC judgment that laid down that …

“Offences against the State”- Section 124 A & Chapter-VI of IPC

Important provisions in Chapter VI Of IPC

  • Section 121: waging, or attempting to wage war or abetting waging of war against the Government of India
  • Section 122: collecting arms, etc. with intention of waging war against the Government of India

Article 361 of Indian Constitution


Article 361 {Protection of President and Governors and Rajpramukhs}

  1. The President, or the Governor or Rajpramukh of a State, shall not be answerable to any court for the exercise and performance of the powers and duties of his

President’s rule in Arunachal: SC issues notice to Centre

President’s rule in Arunachal: SC issues notice to Centre

The imposition of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh came under the scanner of the Supreme Court which sought the report of Governor J. P. Rajkhowa recommending central rule in the state.…

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