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Okinotorishima and EEZ: Dispute and relevance


  1. Is a Japanese uninhabited coral atoll
  2. Its dry land area is mostly made up by three concrete encasings
  3. It houses a Japanese research station.
  4. It is located on the Palau- Kyushu Ridgein the Philippines Sea, Pacific Ocean.
  5. After Japan’s

South China Sea & Nine-dash line: Pointers

South China Sea

  • It is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean
  • It encompasses an area from the Karimata and Malacca Straitsto the Strait of Taiwan of around 3,500,000 square kilometres.
  • It is bordered by China in the north, Vietnam

Star’s Life and Death: Brown and Red Dwarf explained

Life and death of stars depends on

  1. The mass with which the star started
  2. If they were born with siblings nearby or not

Indicator/ Evidence of the life of star

  • Color of a star is an indicator of its temperature

Language Family & Official language of India: Constitutional and Legislative provisions

Indian language Family

The Indian languages belong to the following four linguistic groups:

  • The Indo-European family(Aryan)
  • The Dravidian family(Dravidian)
  • Austric family(Nishada)
  • Sino-Tibetan family (Kirata).

The Indo-Aryan language:

  • Spoken by 75% of Indians.
  • Its core area is known as the Khari

United Military Observer Group in India- Pakistan (UNMOGIP)

UNMOGIP  had been constituted to maintain peace along the ceasefire line between India and Pakistan in Kshmir. It comprises of military observers, international and local civilian personnel. It is financed by the United Nations regular budget.


  • In August 1947,

Gangotri glacier retreated by 3 km in two centuries

Gangotri glacier is fast retreating, has been revealed in various reports. Though the three-kilometre retreat over a period of two centuries might seem insignificant at first glance, data shows that the rate of retreat has increased sharply since 1971. The …

Irulas threaten to boycott TN election

Irulas threaten to boycott TN election as after decades of their settlement in Pakkam village they have been not provided with the basic amenities like electricity connections. As a result of this, the Irular Association passed a resolution in a …

A super giant black hole found

Astronomers from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the Gemini Telescope in Hawaii have uncovered a super massive black hole in a massive elliptical galaxy, NGC 1600. It is located about 200 million light years from Earth and is 10 times …

Andaman & Nicobar: It’s Historical-Cultural & geographical dimension

Andaman & Nicobar is one of the seven union territories of India that extends between Coco Island of Myanmar and Aceh (Sumatra) of Indonesia.  It lies between Coco Channel in the north (Myanmar) and Great Channel in the south (Indonesia). …

Antarctica and Global warming: some new findings

Antarctica and Global warming

Antarctica, the Great Heat Sink, acts as wheel against global warming. However, with ambivalent impact between the Antarctica and global warming, the condition has reached the break-even point, from where one is causing the other and …

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