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Current news based questions for Civil Services-2016: September-1

Q.1. “Goa model of Uniform Civil Code may be upgraded to cover the entire country”, comment. Why Indian fore fathers failed to adopt Uniform Civil Code at the time independence? Is it the opportune time to raise the issue?…

“Kurukshetra” based Test Series for IAS-Mains-2: September Part II

Q.1. “Privatization of higher education should be replaced by Corporatization of skill education”, comment highlighting the loopholes of present education system.

Q.2. Discuss the role of various health schemes of Government of India in achieving SDG.  Analise the significance of …

“Kurukshetra” based Test Series for IAS-Mains-2: September Part I

Q.1. Do you think smart village will transform India’s fortune? What are the initiatives taken by the government in this regard? Suggest measures to fast track these efforts.

Q.2. Discuss the significance of PMGSY in the overall development of …

GS TEST FOR MAINS-2016- International Relation-1

Q.1. Do you think, time has come for India to “move beyond the hesitations of history” in the present day dynamic world geopolitics? Discuss its need and compulsions from Indian point of view.

Q.2. “NSSP to LEMOA indicates new world …

GS Wizard for IAS -Mains: Geography

  1. Why frequency and intensity of cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea varies. Discuss the role of upper air circulation in the Pacific Ocean in this regard.
  2. Explain the mechanism of earthquakes in the Mediterranean Sea. How it

“Kurukshetra” based Test Series for IAS-Mains-1: August Part I

Q.1. “Sustainable development of rural youth will bring real time sustainability in India”, comment in the light of efficacy of recent government initiatives in this direction.

Q.2. Do you think Kaushal Vikas Yojana in rural India will bring a …


  1. Growth empowers deprived
  2. It is not knowledge but awareness that reforms society
  3. Offensive policy need not promote sustainable strategic relationship
  4. Freedom of expression is the basic tenet of matured and developed society
  5. Economic development and social crisis are the two

“Yojana” based Test Series for IAS-Mains-3: June Part II

Q.1. “Universal health coverage is integral to sustainable development” comment, making critical analysis of various health schemes of government of India. Analyse various suggested steps for smooth transformation from some failures in MDG to great success in SDG.


“Yojana” based Test Series for IAS-Mains-2: July Part I

Q.1. Analyse the role of efficient water resource management in the economic development of a country. Discuss various measures taken by the government of India in this direction

Q.2. Do you think drought like conditions in present day India is

“Yojana” based Test Series for IAS-Mains-1: June Part I

Q.1. “Social security is the prime motive behind the launch of several new schemes”, discuss such schemes and analyse their potentials in promoting social security through social empowerment.

Q.2. “New agri-related schemes launched by union government will not only increase …

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