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Science Quiz of the week: Niobium


Why in news?

Parker Solar Probe of NASA, which will explore secrets of corona of solar atmosphere, will utilize Niobium shield against intense solar heat.


  • Is a lustrous, grey, ductile & para magnetic metal.
  • It becomes super conductor

IAS (Mains) 2018 Series: Is passing Ordinary Bill as Money Bill and Money Bill as Ordinary Bill, beyond Judicial Review?

Is passing Ordinary Bill as Money Bill and Money Bill as Ordinary Bill, beyond Judicial Review?

Question has two parts:

  • One when Money Bill is passed as Ordinary Bill and
  • Second when Ordinary Bill is passed as Money Bill


Mock tests for GS (Mains), 2018: Economy & IR

Q.1. Discuss the salient features of Model Agriculture Produce and Livestock Contract Farming and Services (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2018. To what extent it will help increase farmers’ income. Suggest measures, in addition to this Act which will help double …

Are Parliamentary privileges absolute under Indian Constitution?

Privileges are special rights given to certain group or persons of importance so that they can perform their functions without any pressure.

Parliamentary privileges under Article 105 were given to enable Parliament and its members to discharge their function properly …

Answer Key of Civil Services Prelims- 2018 held on 3rd June, 2018


1-A 2-D 3-B 4-B 5-A 6- 7-A 8-D 9-C 10-D
11-D 12-D 13 14-C 15-D 16-B 17-B 18- 19-B 20-A
21-C 22-A 23- 24- 25-A 26-C 27-D 28-A 29-D 30-C
31-B 32-C 33-C 34-C 35-D 36- 37-D 38-B 39-A

Mock Test for IAS-2018- 4/25: Based on latest issues

Q.1. Consider the following demographic facts of India

  1. Kerala has high Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) but low Sex Ratio of Last Child (SRLC)
  2. Tamil Nadu has low SRB as well as SRLC
  3. Punjab has low SRB as well as

Mock Test for IAS- 2018- 3/25: Based on Economic Survey 2018-19

Q.1.Middle Income Trap refers to an economic development situation

  1. When the number of middle income population out numbers others in a country
  2. Where a country attains a certain income due to certain advantage, get stuck at that level
  3. When the

Mock Test for IAS-2018-2/25: Economics & S & T

Q.1. In the 40 + 9 Recommendation of FATF, 9 is

  1. Special Recommendation for Money Laundering
  2. Special Recommendation for Terrorist Financing
  3. Special Recommendation for both Money Laundering & Terrorist Finance
  4. Special Recommendation for Central Banks of member countries.

Q.2. Saubhagya

Economic Survey Series-3: MSP- limitations and challenges in its calculation

Methodology for cost calculation of MSP

Government of India established Commission for Agricultural Cost and Pricing in 1965 (as Agriculture Price Commission and renamed in 1985) to recommend minimum price for various agriculture produce to optimize the use of resources …

Economic Survey Series-2: Unwanted Girls, Missing Women and Demographic Bubble

Demographic bubble refers to the sex related distortions in the human society that itself endangers human existence.

Before going into details we must understand some of the terms which help explain this syndrome.

“Meta son preference”: It refers to …

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